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Pakistan: Christian woman burned alive after refusing a marriage proposal from a Muslim

A Christian woman burned alive for refusing a marriage proposal from a Muslim, in Pakistan.

On Friday, 20 years old Sonia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman from Multan was nearly burned to death after she refused a marriage proposal from her former Muslim boyfriend, 24 year old, Latif Ahmed. The crime comes just a few weeks after another Christian woman was abducted, forced to covert to Islam and marry a Muslim.

On 23rd October, Latif doused Sonia in gasoline and set her alight, in a remote village of Multan when she refused to marry him. After the incident, Sonia Bibi was taken to Multan’s main Nishtar hospital where she received the medical treatment.

One of the doctors said that 45 to 50 percent of Bibi’s body was covered in burns but despite having half of her body severely burned, Sonia is expected to survive. While in the hospital, recovering, Sonia told the police officers that the culprit was her ex-boyfriend, Latif Ahmed. After hearing Sonia’s statement in the presence of her parents, the police managed to arrest Latif. 

Jamshaid Hayat, a representative of the local police stated that Ahmed has been taken into police custody and a preliminary investigation has been launched. He said, “Police arrested the man after recording the statement of Sonia Bibi in the presence of her parents. The girl told us that she was in love with Latif, whom she accused of dousing her in gasoline and setting her alight.” Mukhtar Cheema, another police official in Multan confirmed the incident, saying that Bibi had told police she had turned Ahmed down as she was no longer in love with him.

The mistreatment of women and religious minorities in Pakistan continue to be the biggest human rights concern in the nation. Many cases of religious intolerance and religious persecution have been reported in Pakistan and an upward trend can easily be distinguished as the persecution against the religious minorities continues. Christian women are particularly vulnerable to sexual harassment and being made victims of such heinous acts in Pakistan.

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    This happens quite often, from throwing battery acid into their faces to rape and murder. This is coming to America. These are not isolated incidents.
    Islam is not compatible with American morality and will not be tolerated or catered to.

    Stand UP America or you will be destroyed.

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