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Bogus terms used to justify the “religion of peace”

The meaning of Islam comes from the Arabic verbal noun (like a gerund) s-l-m. When appropriate vowel markers are added, the word Islam appears. The etymology of s-l-m is to submit, accept, or surrender. From this comes Islam’s conventional definition of surrender to God. A Muslim is a person who engages in the act of submission, acceptance, or surrender. Therefore a Muslim is a person who submits to the will of God, or a follower of Islam.

An Islamist generally means a Muslim who believes in establishing sharia law in society or establishing an Islamic political party. An Islamist is very similar to a communist, for instance. Islamism is a set of ideologies holding that Islam is not only a religion but also a political system; that modern Muslims must return to the roots of their religion, and unite politically. Many of those described as “Islamists” oppose the use of the term, and claim that their political beliefs and goals are simply an expression of Islamic religious belief. There is no difference between “normal Islamists and extremist fundamentalist Islamists”.

The “normal” believers in Islam are called Muslims not Islamists. “Islamist” is a slur intended to mean extremist. Fundamentalist Muslims tend to agree that Sharia Law should be instituted worldwide, with all that entails. Extreme Fundamentalist Muslims tend to believe that violence is not only permitted but called for in order to institute Sharia Law. It’s the same religion, and from the “moderate” Muslims we have seen that the fundamentalist is not hiding very deep under the “moderate” facade. If you actually read the Quran, Allah not only allows killing people who don’t worship him, but he strongly demands it.

Most Muslims are very peaceful people. Unfortunately, there’s a barbaric minority who detonate themselves and non-Muslims to please their God because “Allah says it is okay to kill kaffir, and Allah is happy when non-Muslims are dead.” This is where Islam becomes not a religion, but a socio-political ideology, solely intent on the destruction of the non-Muslim world, hence the attacks on America, Europe and Israel. These barbarians give the rest a bad name, and are often referred to as radical Islamists (or fundamentalist fruit loops), as opposed to Muslims. The twist in the story begins when the peaceful Muslims don’t stand against these horrendous acts and in fact sponsor them through charity. There is no difference left when these peaceful Muslims remain behind the scene and support these actions. In conclusion these terms are just used to justify how peaceful the religion is when in reality every Muslim supports the fundamental radical teachings of Islam and cannot deny that Allah allows violence. They might deny it to your face and might present you with a twisted interpretation of a very clear teaching but in their sub-conscious they will support the radicalism and will want every human to become a Muslim by hook or by crook.

By: M. M. Saif

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  1. Joseph Daniels
    22nd November 2015 at 7:06 pm — Reply

    When God amancipated Israelites from slavery to the promised land,He made them a nation by giving them the ‘Law’ and land and became Himself their God and King, to govern them on that land through this “LAW” The law is the Will of God to live a holy life because HE is Holy. God and Kind means politics is not without religion.

    This is only Western stupidity who have separately religion from politics to live a life of anarchy to God. That is why they are suffering; God is permitting devil to punish them through Muslims.

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