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Another Christian´s life saved by Farrukh Saif Foundation, UNHCR Bangkok continues it´s cruel comedy

It seems like UNHCR has not learned anything from the recent tragic death of Sanina Faisal in Bangkok´s immigration detention center. There were hopes that after such a notable incident UNHCR officials will show more concern and humanely attitude towards the Pakistani Christian asylum seekers in Bangkok but the dark clouds seem to remain yet for UNHCR is not willing to change its cruel strategy towards the Pakistani Christians.

Today another Pakistani Christian asylum seeker, Pervaiz Ghouri who was detained in Bangkok´s immigration detention center fell seriously ill and the Thai authorities made all the possible efforts to contact UNHCR but as usual there was no response. The reluctant behavior from UNHCR didn´t surprise us at all. Failing in contacting UNHCR, the Thai authorities called the alternative option which is undoubtedly Farrukh Saif Foundation, a well-known organization as Messiah of Pakistani Christians in Bangkok. Farrukh Harrison Saif, the executive director of the organization immediately put his team on alert for helping Pervaiz Ghouri.

The collaboration between immigration authorities and Farrukh Saif Foundation brought Pervaiz Ghouri to the hospital on time and his life was saved otherwise UNHCR did their best to kill another poor and persecuted Pakistani Christian. UNHCR Bangkok, a so called humanitarian organization is not willing to end the cruel comedy and there is no higher authority which may take notice of what is going on in Bangkok.

Pervaiz Ghouri is alive and out of danger now. All the thanks go to Farrukh Harrison Saif who responded promptly on the call of Thai authorities. May God bless the lion and enable him to keep serving his community. Amen.

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